Garden Quartz Tower

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Exquisite Garden Quartz towers available now!  Sometimes called Landscape Quartz, Scenic Quartz or Shaman Quartz, this is on master class stone.  Having inclusions of Chlorite, Feldspar, Hematite among many others, this stone packs a very powerful metaphysical punch.  Whether you're looking for crystal healing or a very powerful meditation crystal, you can't go wrong getting lost in one of these amazing towers.

Garden Quartz has an amazing healing vibration –the brilliant qualities of this stone and the extra vibrations of the inclusions. Also, the clear quartz may amplify the vibration of the inclusions in this gem. It may also aid in the emotional healing through the release of past-life trauma or the early childhood memories, which might have caused the stress of fear. Meditating with Garden Quartz may bring a soothing guidance from the spirit guides.