Purple | Silver | Cheshire Glass Double Macrame Bracelet

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Finish: Silver
Beads: Purple Cheshire Glass
Cord: Adjustable Purple Nylon
Base: Stainless Steel

The Cheshire Glass Macrame bracelets are hand-crafted with twin rows of interwoven 6mm Cheshire Glass beads hand-strung on an adjustable woven nylon cord. With the adjustable cord, each Cheshire Glass Macrame bracelet is one size fits all. Each bracelet features a silver finished backplate engraved with the nogu logo. 

Inspired by the otherworldly and fantastic character in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, our Cheshire glass whimsically recreates his ubiquitous stripes with a cat's eye effect that is nothing short of magical. Designed in genuine glass the bracelets exude a stunning Chatoyancy as bands of light are reflected from a series of thin inclusions parallel to each other. As the light moves, or the observer's eye line moves, this magical line appears to move too, then disappears all together, just like the Cheshire cat's pupils as he mischievously floats about. Experience the Cheshire effect, we guarantee it will leave you grinning.