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Raven's Cauldron Vitality Crystal Collection

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  • Fuchsite Individual Specimen - AAA

    Fuchsite Individual Specimen - AAA

    198 in stock

    Fuchsite Individual Specimen Fuchsite is a stone of renewal and rejuvenation. Intensifies energy of other crystals. Helps spark the joy of our inner child. Good for seeking guidance from guides, and deep meditative states. Heart Chakra

    198 in stock


  • Carnelian Crystal - Rough

    Carnelian Crystal - Rough

    16 in stock

    Carnelian the piece

    16 in stock


  • Citrine Point / chunk

    Citrine Point / chunk

    102 in stock

    Beautiful  Citrine points with amazing coloration.

    102 in stock

    $5.99 - $8.99

  • Carnelian Palm Stone

    Carnelian Palm Stone

    52 in stock

    Beautiful Carnelian Palm Stone.  Variable in size and weight, these are truly pieces.  A true beauty and a gemstone loved by the masses.  Each piece if very unique, some have banding.

    52 in stock


  • Carnelian Individual Specimen - Small

    Carnelian Individual Specimen - Small

    118 in stock

    A stabilizing stone, Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates  creativity. It gives courage, promotes  positive life choices dispels apathy  and motivates for success.  Carnelian is useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. It helps in trusting  yourself and your perceptions.

    118 in stock


  • Uruguay Amethyst Druze - AAA

    Uruguay Amethyst Druze - AAA

    6 in stock

    Beautiful large (approx. 3 inches) Uruguay Amethyst Druze!   Large Amethyst Uruguay Druze are over 100 grams Small Amethyst Uruguay Druze are under 100 grams

    6 in stock

    $12.99 - $19.99

  • Chevron Amethyst Individual Specimen

    Chevron Amethyst Individual Specimen

    253 in stock

    Chevron amethyst combines the metaphysical powers between Quartz and the stress relieving properties of Amethyst, lessening ones resistance on your path to self-discovery. This stone is often said to be stronger and more powerful, especially with higher chakras, focusing on the third eye and crown chakras.

    253 in stock


  • Citrine Druzy

    Citrine Druzy

    66 in stock

    Beautiful large (approx. 1.5-2 inches) Citrine Druzy!   Druzes make for a great addition to any crystal collection and these are sure not to disappoint!  T

    66 in stock


  • Hematoid Quartz palm stone

    Hematoid Quartz palm stone

    32 in stock

    Hematoid Quartz palm stone.  When Quartz meets Hematite, the result is Hematoid Quartz, also knows as Fire Quartz or Specularite.  These are simply beautiful pieces and quite uncommon.  Each palm stone weighs between 4 and 5 ounces and are approximately 3 inches across. Hematoid Quartz is a very good grounding crystal. It will calm and quiet your mind, giving you the time to properly process things and sort them out. It’s a crystal that will dissolve the imbalances and negativities in your life and allow you to enjoy a more balanced energy.

    32 in stock


  • Blue Tiger's Eye- Falconeye individual specimen

    Blue Tiger's Eye- Falconeye individual specimen

    114 in stock

    Blue Tiger's Eye Blue Tigerseye/Falconeye Protection and protects against evil eye. Helps with memory and mental agility. Helps with differentiating between wishful thinking and what you actually need. Promotes self-worth. Good for getting out of a rut. Throat and Third eye Chakra

    114 in stock


  • Amethyst Chips

    Amethyst Chips

    181 in stock

    1 ounce of Amethyst tumbled chips. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, it relieves stress and strain, soothes irritability, balances mood swings, dispels anger, rage, fear and anxiety. Alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.  

    181 in stock


  • Fuchsite Crystal - Rough

    Fuchsite Crystal - Rough

    226 in stock

    One piece of 1.5 - 2.5 inch of Fuchsite rough.  Plenty of flash on these pieces.

    226 in stock


Vitality Crystals

🌟 **Presenting the Raven’s Cauldron Vitality Crystal Collection** 🌟

Unleash the power of nature's gems with our carefully curated Raven’s Cauldron Vitality Crystal Collection. This enchanting assortment brings together nine exquisite crystals, each uniquely imbued with the energy of the earth to ignite your spirit, revitalize your essence, and empower your journey towards boundless vitality.

🔮 **Amethyst**: Embark on a transformative journey with the tranquil energies of Amethyst. This regal crystal soothes your mind and elevates your spiritual awareness, providing a serene foundation for your vitality quest.

 🌞 **Citrine**: Like the sun's warm embrace, Citrine radiates joy and positivity. Its golden glow uplifts your spirit, awakening creativity and motivation, propelling you towards a life filled with vitality and purpose.

 🌌 **Lapis Lazuli**: The depths of Lapis Lazuli unveil the mysteries of self-discovery. This majestic crystal enhances communication, wisdom, and intuition, inviting clarity and truth to flow through you.

 🐅 **Tiger's Eye**: As fierce as its namesake, Tiger's Eye bolsters your courage and strength. It's a talisman of protection, guiding you through challenges with a resilient spirit and sharpened focus.

 🔥 **Carnelian**: The fiery Carnelian infuses you with vibrant energy and unwavering confidence. Its warm embrace kindles your passion and empowers you to seize the day with zestful determination.

 🌿 **Fuchsite**: Connect deeply with nature's harmonious embrace through Fuchsite. This verdant crystal encourages emotional balance, infusing you with a sense of tranquility that revitalizes your being.

 🔥 **Fire Quartz**: Ignite your inner flame with the dynamic energy of Fire Quartz. It sparks motivation, strength, and determination, empowering you to conquer challenges and harness your potential.

 ❤️ **Red Jasper**: Ground yourself in the nurturing embrace of Red Jasper. Its enduring energy provides stability and resilience, ensuring you thrive amidst life's whirlwind.

 ☀️ **Sunstone**: Embrace the life-affirming radiance of Sunstone. Like the sun's rays, it fills your spirit with warmth, vitality, and enthusiasm, making each day a brilliant adventure.

Whether placed in your sacred space, carried with you, or used in meditation, these crystals will serve as a constant reminder of your commitment to living a life filled with vitality, purpose, and the magic of the earth's precious treasures.

Elevate your vitality, embrace your journey, and let the Raven’s Cauldron Vitality Crystal Collection illuminate your path towards a more vibrant and empowered existence.


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