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Norse Collection - Raven's Cauldron
The Raven's Cauldron Collection of Norse related items.  Statues, books, tarot, runes, household items, jewelry, etc

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  • Last stock! Younger Futhark Wood Runes - Raven's Cauldron

    Younger Futhark Wood Runes

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    Younger Futhark Wood Runs SIZE: APPROX: 54 GRAMS MATERIALS: WOOD PACKAGING: BOX CONTENT: YOUNGER FUTHARK WOOD RUNES COLORS: BROWN  One Younger Futhark Wood Runes . Wood Runes vary in size, color and shape. Hand made Younger Futhark Wood Rune set.  Based on the Younger Futhark runic alphabet, these are hand burned into maple wood.   These are sometimes referred to as Scandinavian Runes. There are 16 runes and a bag included in this set.  These are made by Brian Sammons out of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

    1 in stock



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