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  • Crystal Alien Skulls - Raven's Cauldron

    Crystal Alien Skulls

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    Crystal Alien Skulls Exquisite Hard To Find Crystal Alien Skull Carivngs Take a look at our high quality mysterious alien skull carvings, or alien head carvings.  The crystal alien skulls we have available currently are: Howlite, Black Obsidian, Dragon's Blood Jasper, Strawberry Quartz, Rose Quartz or White Jade,  these make an incredibly unique gift for him or her that will be treasured not only for it's beauty, but also its uniqueness.  What's also amazing about these pieces of  mesmerizing art, is  that they're handmade, and no two will be alike .   If you're a sci/fi fan, you'll simply be thrilled with these pieces.  Each has different gemstone eyes in addition to the main material.  SIZE: APPROX 1,160 GRAMS(2.09 POUNDS) MATERIALS: HOWLITE, BLACK OBSIDIAN, DRAGON'S BLOOD JASPER, WHITE JADE, STRAWBERRY QUARTZ, ROSE QUARTZ DIMENSIONS: 3.5 INCHES TALL, 3.5 INCHES WIDE, 4 INCHES DEEP PACKAGING: BOX CONTENT: HOWLITE, BLACK OBSIDIAN, DRAGON'S BLOOD JASPER, WHITE JADE, STRAWBERRY QUARTZ OR ROSE QUARTZ ALIEN SKULL CARVING COLORS: VARIES BY GEMSTONE CHOICE

    6 in stock


Alien Skull Carvings - Raven's Cauldron

Alien Skull Carving - Perfect Gift For The SciFi Aficionado

Introducing a mesmerizing collection of hand-carved crystal alien skull sculptures, each meticulously crafted to embody a fusion of unearthly allure and earthly beauty. Carefully chiseled from a selection of premium crystals including Rose Quartz, Dragon's Blood Jasper, White Jade, Howlite, Black Obsidian, and Strawberry Quartz, these exquisite artworks are a testament to the skilled craftsmanship and the mystique of the cosmos.

Each skull bears its own unique personality, reflecting the inherent characteristics of the chosen crystal medium. Rose Quartz, with its soft pink hue, exudes an aura of love and compassion, while Dragon's Blood Jasper, with its rich green and red tones, emanates strength and vitality. White Jade brings a sense of purity and serenity, while Howlite promotes calmness and tranquility.

The enigmatic allure of these crystal alien skulls is further heightened by the choice of materials. Black Obsidian lends an air of mystery and protection, while Strawberry Quartz infuses the sculptures with a gentle yet invigorating energy, reminiscent of a cosmic dawn.

Whether displayed as a focal point in a room or held in the palm for meditation, each skull invites contemplation and connection with the otherworldly. These pieces are not merely decorative objects but gateways to the imagination, inspiring wonder and curiosity about the vast mysteries of the universe.

Add an otherworldly touch to your space with this captivating collection of hand-carved crystal alien skull carvings, where artistry meets cosmic intrigue in a symphony of earthly and extraterrestrial elements.


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