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Fairness & Kindness In New Partnerships - Tarot Justice and 2 Of Cups

, by Brian Campbell, 15 min reading time

I've always been a little on edge regarding the Justice card, and I took the time to really dive into the card, along with the 2 of Cups.  Come find out how the powerful combination of the Justice card and the 2 of Cups helped me to learn to let go of my anxiety regarding the Justice card.

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Justice & Two of Cups Tarot Combination

Every Sunday, when I’m filling out my planner for the week ahead, I always pull a spread for the week. I pull a card that is ruling over the week, then I pull a card for Monday through Friday, I leave Saturday free as a day of taking it all in for the week. When I pulled the cards this week, I pulled major arcana 11 – Justice overseeing the week ahead and the 2 of Cups for Monday. I found this to be a very interesting card combination and I wanted to do a deep dive and talk about what it means to me and how it will drive the first part of my week.

Tarot Blog, Major Arcana, Tarot Reader, Biddy Tarot, Tarot Certification, Biddy Certified Tarot Reader, Divination, Tarot Blog, Wicca, Witchcraft, The Star Tarot, Tarot, Tarot Reader, The Justice Card, Tarot Reading

The Justice Card: Overseer of My 7-Day Tarot Card Spread

Admittedly, I have never been a huge fan of the Justice card, but not for any real educated, well-thought out reason. Every time I see the card come up, I can only think of court cases. Negative thoughts always come to mind. When I pulled out this card and it was the overseeing card for my week ahead, I decided to get over my attitude with the Justice card and really do a deep dive on exactly what is going on in this card and what it means to me. Ultimately, I want to share my thoughts with all of you because perhaps someone else has the same relationship with this card wants to gain more insight.

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Discovering A Deeper Interpretation of the Justice Major Arcana Card

The first thing I wanted to do here was study this card, ask some clarifying questions to help me gain some insight as to why it always gives me the dark vibes. I gazed at the card for a solid ten minutes before I shut my eyes and stepped into the card to get acquainted.

When I stepped up onto the stone landing, I immediately felt my heart start to race, being in front of this ruler in full regalia, with a sobering expression is not for the faint of heart. What happened next is what has forever changed my fear of this card into a welcoming feeling.


The figure in the throne said “Welcome, have a look around, there are no secrets here, you’re welcome here anytime.” You may ask why that simple statement relieved a lot of anxiety about this card to me - and you’re not wrong for wondering. See what I was getting wrong about this card was my mind’s stereotypes of court cases and judges, because my limited experience with the legal system is from my youth, traffic tickets that cost me money in my teen years. Simply stated, I’ve always had negative feelings for anything court related due to traffic tickets in my teenage years. I have been carrying around a negative connotation of this card for the most ridiculous of reasons and for many years.

Removing Fear & Preconception for Greater Clarity

p>As I continued to visit the card, the figure says to me “There is nothing to fear here whatsoever - I offer truth and balance, I offer an end to situations that need a mediator, I offer fairness for all.” I thought deeply, while I stood before her at what she was trying to say to me. Though she was friendly, she was a woman of few words. My takeaway was that in life, human beings will enter situations that don’t always end up with a nice tidy conclusion, things get messy. There will always be times in our lives that we need a mediator, an unbiased third party that can take the facts, organize them, analyze them and, most importantly, rule on them.

Justice Major Arcana Interpretation: The Fairest Decision Maker, Not the Punisher

I think the scare factor for me is that I don’t like to lose and, when I saw this card, I saw a potential for me or somebody else to lose. Although I can be very type A, I have a huge heart and I can’t stand to lose or for anybody else to lose and that was driving my disdain as well. The reality, the lesson I needed to learn is that this card isn’t necessarily about courtroom cases, sure it can be, but really, it’s about fairness to all people in life. It’s about living your life fairly and looking to the Justice figure for guidance and reaffirmations.

I thanked the beautiful figure in the card, she smiled, nodded and, right before I was about to exit, I noticed that one of her feet was exposed. I wondered what that could mean or why that was. Like the curious cat that I am, I decided, well I’m here, I’ll ask her what that is all about. Her reply was “Friend, you can see my shoe because I want to be seen as human, just like you. You see, I have razor sharp thought; I’m fair, I’m neutral to everybody’s cause, but I’m not a super power, I’m human like you and while I could easily tuck my foot under this gown, I want everyone to see I’m just like you, there is nothing to fear here, we are all connected”

My New Appreciation for Major Arcana

As I departed, I had a completely new appreciation for this figure. She’s someone I will consult with daily, she can tell me not only what’s best for me, but what’s best for the world at large and that’s something I can’t always determine for myself. I hope that each of you will spend some time with her, I think it’s a life changer in many ways.

Consulting With the Justice Card for Greater Perspective

As I started my day, I wanted to honor my representative card for the week ahead, Justice. I thought about her as I got dressed and headed out for the day. My first stop was at the bank to make some deposits. I was admittedly in a rush, and the woman that was taking my checks was new and being trained. She was struggling, as this appeared to be her first real day on the job. Typically, I would have lost patience because I’m always out of time. I stopped and thought to myself, how fair am I being to this girl? She is trying to learn a new job and I’m about to show my frustration to her because she’s not as fast as I think she should be.

I decided that, in my mind’s eye, I’d consult with the Justice card quick and get perspective on this. Now I realize this is a very simple example, but sometimes the most powerful messages come from the most basic situations, and this is one of those times. Lady Justice said, “Calm down. Breathe. You are no more important than anyone else, exercise compassion towards this girl, when you do, you’ll gain the compassion that you gifted her two-fold.”

I waited, smiled and was friendly to this struggling.

Justice: Fairness Over Judgement

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p>As I left the bank, I thought about what just transpired. I was fair to the new teller today, I exercised compassion, patience, and most importantly kindness. Justice isn’t always about being judged, it’s about being fair, working in harmony with your fellow human beings. I stopped for my morning coffee next, as I went to pay, the cashier said no money needed today, you come here everyday and today we serve you for free.

If you ever doubt the power of the tarot, now is the time to stop doubting. I made a change to my behavior based on the teachings of the Justice card and within half an hour, it came back to me with the kindness of the business I buy coffee from every day. Again, not to be repetitive, but it’s these simple lessons and teachings that can really start to change the way we go about our lives. A tiny tweak in my attitude helped nurture a new employee at the bank, helped to make her feel like she’s got this, and it will be ok, and that simple behavior tweak on my end resulted in kindness to me in the shape of free coffee, an overall win-win for everyone, and who doesn’t like a win-win situation.

I think that the Justice card represents a win-win, fairness, equality and truth.

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The Unique Partnership Between Justice & The Two of Cups

The partner card for today in my weekly spread was the 2 of Cups. I should give a little information about my current frame of mind before I explain the synergy between this card and the Justice card. I’m currently in the middle of a business startup, namely Tarot on Winter! I’ve been working on getting this business up and running for about five months now give or take, and it’s been nothing short of a wild ride. It’s one thing to dream up a business, it’s a completely different situation to execute on the dream! I’ve been working with marketing folks, friends, firms, tarot professionals, ecommerce professionals and website professionals - to name a few. There’s a lot of I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed, if you will.
What I was so enamored with and the reason I’m dedicating a blog to this combination is that the 2 of Cups came up for today, walking hand in hand with the Justice card. I’d like to take a deep dive on what this partnership means to me and how it’s especially relevant for me today!

The Two of Cups: Interpretation Beyond Love & Relationships

At first glance, or even at first read for that matter, it’s easy to get caught up on the love factor of the 2 of Cups, or really any Cups card for that matter. I’m not downplaying the love aspect at all; in fact, it’s the most common interpretation for Cups, I’m simply looking at this combination and how it can help shed some light on my path, which is the startup of Tarot on Winter! I see this card about entering many partnerships in the coming days, weeks and months, and starting to embrace them this very minute.

As I’ve walked my path, I’ve been blessed with the wisdom of many - and those partnerships return to me every minute of everyday in terms of good fortune, good advice, friendship, strategy sessions etc. It’s an especially poignant story for me today because I’m meeting with my website team this afternoon and we will be launching my new website this week. I realized when I saw this card come up that one of the most important ways to build anything (a business, a house, a friendship, a relationship), is to have strong partnerships with others. The bigger the team and circle of influence, the bigger the success. I realize that once again this seems like a very basic lesson, and you’re not wrong for thinking that. I like to be in control of all things in my life, I like to understand everything, I struggle with handing off things and it’s this card that really helped shine some light on my shortcomings here.

Mutualism: Understanding That Each Party Benefits Equally & Fairly

What I see as the beautiful flow between these two cards is that new partnerships are developing, and those partnerships are based on mutual admiration of the goal, fairness to each other in the partnership, i.e. I’ll exchange my money for your services and together we will keep laser focused on the goal here. I point this out because often we get caught up on the notion “it’s too expensive, I’ll just do it myself,” “I’m not paying anyone to do that when I can do it myself,” etc. While all those rants may be true statements, I firmly believe that, to be successful, it takes an army of doers.

When We Ask For Help, We Also Help Others

I have a dear friend of many decades that I speak with nearly daily. She’s an expert online marketer, respected by many for her abilities to take things to the next level. I think of this card combination and how it really describes our professional relationship together. I can reach out to her with marketing questions, what if’s, how should I do this etc., and she’s always there to provide solid feedback and advice. She’s in the middle of starting up her own business regarding moon cycles, manifestations and how to use the energy of the moon to make things happen. She has been doing some tarot readings to help with her business and has reached out to me for reading clarification, card advice etc.

The point here is, sure she could have done the readings on her own, figured out textbook meanings and used her intuition to make a conclusion - but why would she when I can easily help her get what she needs? The same goes for me: I can easily find marketing answers, suffer through the pain of researching and figuring it out, but why should I when I have a partnership with my friend and have that resource available. What’s more, it’s completely fair and just for both of us, I learn some marketing concepts and pitfalls to be aware of, she learns a deeper understanding of the Tarot and how she can use the tool for her business - a win-win situation for all.

Discovering The Life Lessons Hidden in the Tarot

The Justice and the 2 of Cups is just one of many examples of how we can take these ancient images and apply them to our lives. I really enjoy the weekly card spread because it allows me to pay close attention to how I’m walking through life. I often find I need to change my course, take a new road, and the cards guide me on my way. I really encourage each of you to try to pull one card, just one and let that card guide you through the week. Everyday when you wake, think about that card, what it is telling you, really dive in with it. I think you’ll really be surprised how much you can learn about yourself and the way you’re running your life.

An excellent way to start is by using The Justice card for your first draw.

Work On Removing Reservations & Fear When Pulling Tarot Cards For Yourself

You’ve read my story about how this card has scared me over the years, how I got to know it better and how I now have a great relationship with the card. Perhaps another, non-random way to gain a deeper understanding of a card is to pull a card that you’re afraid of and get to know and understand it deeply. Many are afraid of the Tower card and view it as a bad boy of the Tarot. Perhaps pull that card, study it, enter it and get to know what is happening and how to deal with it. I especially like a card for the week, that allows for a solid amount of time to really gain a comprehensive understanding.

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