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tarot, king of pentacles, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

Time For Prosperous Change

, by Brian Campbell, 9 min reading time

The Death card always brings an interesting reaction, typically one of fear and dread.  The reality is that the Death card is one of the more positive cards in any Tarot deck.  Combined with the King of Pentacles, this powerful combination has a lot to tell us.  Read on to find out the message.. .

tarot, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

Death & The King of Pentacles - What is the combination trying to tell us?

One of my favorite activities with the Tarot is to make connections on two or more cards.  What I mean by this is not simply to know the meanings of the cards, but to help understand what they’re trying to say.  I’ve made it a daily practice to read and interpret a Tarot combination.  In fact, I have a weekly Tarot spread that I use to do this, and it helps guide my week.  Here’s the way this works, I pull a major arcana card and that serves as the ruler card for the week, after that has been established, I pull five more cards, each representing Monday through Friday, and these can be any card, major, minor or court.  It’s these combinations that truly serve as my guide to interpreting the cards, learning the intricacies that exist between them. 

How can I help?    tarot, death card, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

When I set out on my journey to begin a blog on the Tarot, the first question I asked myself was, “What hasn’t been done yet?”.  I thought about this for some time and decided that the most powerful thing I could provide would be deep dives on Tarot combinations.   There has been much written about them, but I haven’t run into a lot of deep dives and that is the subject matter that I’ve decided to blog on this year.  With so many Tarot combinations, it’s truly the heart of effective card reading.  Knowing the meaning of a single card is only a small part of the story, being able to weave meaning and flow between 2 or more cards is where the Tarot gets interesting.

The Death card - should I be scared?

tarot, death card, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

I have lost count of the number of people I’ve read for that are truly scared of having the Death card come up in a reading.  It’s the card that people get most upset about, even far more than the Tower.  It’s interesting because in my opinion, the Death card is one of the most positive cards in the major arcana.  Just the word death can really bring up feelings of anxiety, dread and sadness and it’s no wonder the meaning of the card gets misconstrued a lot.  The Death card coming up in a reading doesn’t call for anyone to be scared, but rather, excited because something is about to change and it’s almost always for the better.  Let’s take a deep dive on a very positive combination for the Death card, and that is when it’s combined with the King of Pentacles.


Money Making Machine  tarot, king of pentacles, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

The King of Pentacles is a very strong indicator that abundance, financial wealth and success on the physical realm are all terms that are second nature to you.  It’s the quintessential business person’s card if there ever was one.  Not only can this King attract abundance, but what’s more, he can translate a vision into a profitable venture with ease.  The King of Pentacles is a master leader, and success is something that is not a possibility, but a must for this court card.  We can ascertain that when the King of Pentacles comes up in a reading, we can start to put our ideas on a whiteboard and see what is flowing at that time, it’s likely a golden idea that needs your attention to achieve liftoff.  Anytime I personally see this card in a reading for myself, I act immediately and start to combine the meanings of the other cards in my reading.  We all are looking for financial success, while it’s certainly not the most important aspect of life, it’s necessary and when the King of Pentacles appears, it’s best to listen to what he has to say.


But the Death card is number 13?

tarot, death card, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

Not unlike the Death card itself, the number 13 has its own set of superstitions.  Like most misunderstood notions, the number 13 isn’t sinister at all.  Let’s look at the root numbers here of 1 and 3.  The number one is the foundation, the number that all other numbers are made from.  The number one is all about creating and has an energy to get the job done.  You may be familiar with the popular song lyric “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do…”, but really, it’s not the case here.  When we look at the number 3, it’s very creative, youthfully minded and expressive.  The 3 doesn’t have nearly the sense of discipline that the 1 does and will benefit from the logical and methodical ways of the 1.  When we combine the 1 and the 3, we can really dig into the number 13.  The number 4 is for lack of a better term a little boring, a rule follower, more of a workaholic.  Taking these three numbers we can see that it’s a very balanced number, a definitive balance of fiery passionate energy (1), creativity, more right brained (3), and methodical and focused on results (4), none of which are scary attributes.  We can deduce that the superstitious nature of the number 13 can be attributed to Hollywood.

Looking to improve finances?  tarot, king of pentacles, tarot card meanings, tarot decks, tarot reader, intuitive tarot reading, tarot combinations

I always like to take inventory of my money-making endeavors when the Kind of Pentacles appears in my readings.  The real power of this card is when we take its soul and combine it with another card to derive a story.  I’ll be doing just that in the next section, but let’s talk about the soul of The King of Pentacles first.  Have you ever known somebody that is a success magnet?  One of the people that everything they touch turns to gold?  If you answered yes, think of those people and you have the King of Pentacles partially.  Sure, he’s a money-making machine, but he’s also so much more.  The King of Pentacles has not only the successful financial portfolio under his belt, but he also knows how to lead and is a shrewd business professional.  It’s important to point out his other qualities, because it’s the total package that makes this court card so powerful.  One thing that is a certain about the King of Pentacles versus the Page or Knight, is that he takes a very practical or pragmatic approach to his endeavors.  The Page and Knight are all about ideas, visions, but the King brings the good and takes those “pie in the sky” youthful ideas and evaluates them, weeding out anything that isn’t a sure-fire bet.  The King of Pentacles is a powerful beacon of success that is a welcome card in any spread.

Bringing Death and the King of Pentacles together...

What is the combination of Death and The King of Pentacles trying to tell us?   We know that Death rarely if ever has anything to know with physical death, rather, it’s a signal of change in our lives, needed change to be precise.    When the death card appears, it’s always a time to do some reflection on life and try to determine if we are merely walking the path with our eyes closed day in and day out, and if we find that we are, start devising a plan to make change.  We are combining Death with the King of Pentacles today and it’s a powerful message to be certain.  We need to take the time to look deeply at our finances and sort out what is working at what isn’t.  Once we determine what is working, we can invest further in those endeavors.  Additionally, we can look at our overall portfolio at this stage of our lives, and ask ourselves, are we leading by example?  Are people looking up to us because of our sharp leadership qualities or are we quietly manifesting success in the dark?  The King of Pentacles likes to lead, likes to set the path to success and if we are not using our talents to lead others, then it’s possibly a waste of our natural power.  Once I had this combination come up in a “general” reading, and it took some digging, but I was able to figure out that my client was wildly successful in all business dealings but was bursting with unused energy and as a result, was not very fulfilled.  We worked together to come up with a plan that would allow for the bottled-up energy to be put to good use.  My client started teaching a business course online to help folks that were just starting out, and the happiness and fulfillment that resulted from this new endeavor was immeasurable.  There is balance in everything, and making money is only one aspect of the King of Pentacles.  This King must also share his gift with the world, because after all, what’s a gift that’s not shared?   Should this combination appear in a reading, pay close attention to what is being shown to you, you’ll be surprised what a little self-reflection and a solid action plan can do.  Life is about change and that fact never waivers.

A Little More About Raven's Cauldron

I’m Brian, a thirty-year Tarot card reader. I own a company called Raven's Cauldron, and we specialize in providing a one stop metaphysical shop experience.  After frequenting metaphysical and spiritual shops for decades, I wanted to provide a place in my hometown that provides a wide array of new age, metaphysical and spiritual items.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, there will be many more to come. 


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