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The time for you is now - Tarot Knight Of Wands and Knight of Pentacles

, by Brian Campbell, 7 min reading time

Two Knights in one combination, the Knight of Wands and the Knight of on to learn how to harness this powerful energy.

The time for you is now…

Knight of Wands & Knight of Pentacles – What is this combination trying to tell us?


One of my favorite activities with the Tarot is to make connections on two or more cards.  What I mean by this is not simply to know the meanings of the cards, but to help understand what they’re trying to say.  I’ve made it a daily practice to read and interpret a Tarot combination.  In fact, I have a weekly Tarot spread that I use to do this, and it helps guide my week.  Here’s the way this works, I pull a major arcana card and that serves as the ruler card for the week, after that has been established, I pull five more cards, each representing Monday through Friday, and these can be any card, major, minor or court.  It’s these combinations that truly serve as my guide to interpreting the cards, learning the intricacies that exist between them. 


How can I help?        

When I set out on my journey to begin a blog on the Tarot, the first question I asked myself was, “What hasn’t been done yet?”.  I thought about this for some time and decided that the most powerful thing I could provide would be deep dives on Tarot combinations.   There has been much written about them, but I haven’t run into a lot of deep dives and that is the subject matter that I’ve decided to blog on this year.  With so many Tarot combinations, it’s truly the heart of effective card reading.  Knowing the meaning of a single card is only a small part of the story, being able to weave meaning and flow between 2 or more cards is where the Tarot gets interesting.



Wants become reality…

Working with the court cards in a Tarot deck can be a daunting task, which can scare away many an aspiring Tarot reader!  When studied, these pesky court cards become much clearer and suddenly they become favorite archetypes.  Such is the case with our friend the Knight of Pentacles, a focused manifester of good fortune and good life.  The Knight of Pentacles lives in each of us, she’s the one that keeps her finger on the pulse of our desires.  What’s more, she’s able to decipher the blueprints of our desires and transform them to reality.  Imagine day dreaming about a vacation to a place high on the bucket list but then reality hits and the dream dissipates…the Knight of Pentacles is that fast moving energy that takes that day dream and manifests it to reality.  Phrases such as “if you can dream it, you can do it” personify the Knight of Pentacles and when she shows up in a reading,, count on an energetic manifestation of wants.  Of course, everything is always relative to where the Knight shows up in a spread, perhaps it’s a call to work hard to achieve a goal.  Whichever is the case, the Knight of Pentacles is a pure energy that when directed properly can be life changing.



What is important to you? ever changing answer…  

We all have a fire that burns inside of us, that fire holds what is important to us.  The fire can release aspects and gain new aspects perpetually and as a result, our internal flame develops as we walk our path.  When the suit of wands is at hand, it has EVERYTHING to do with that fire inside of us, that spark that gets us out of bed in the morning. As a professional Tarot reader, the suit of wands speaks the clearest to me because life is meant to lived, and the Knight of Wands is at the helm of all aspirations in life, the curator of what is important to each of us.  When I perform readings and there is a heavy concentration of wands, it’s typically a call to begin living life and working less.  Of course that work/life balance isn’t easy to achieve, but the universe will call to us to live while we are here and the Knight of Wands will happily take the universe’s instructions and implement them!


What is the deal with these Knights anyway…

Any Knight in a Tarot deck is on a mission, full of energy and ready to take any risk to achieve their mission.  Pages communicate and explore the idea, looking at every angle,  and do so with a very open mind, the Knight simply takes the idea and runs with it.  Ultimately, the Knights serve the Queen and King and deliver any updates to them, they are the energetic implementors and will typically stop at nothing to get to the completion of an idea.  Knights are part of the 4 part royal court of any Tarot deck and when they show up in readings, they are welcomed with open arms.



The time to get moving is NOW…

When two Knights appear in a Tarot combination, we are being called to not only listen to what they have to say, but also to take action swiftly.  Two Knights, side by side in a spread, typically signal something that needs addressed right away.  Imagine if you will a Tarot reading in which the querent wants to know if they should change careers, as they have been experiencing a lull for a long time now.  The two cards pulled are the Knight of Wands and the Knight of Pentacles in a quick and simple two card reading.  The universe is trying to say that the time is now, the mind has already processed the fact that we are in the wrong career and it’s time to go full speed ahead into a new arena.  The Knight of Wands calls us to find out exactly what it is that we want to do and to fully vet it out, however, Knights are anything but conservative and as such, don’t over analyze much here, go with the gut and it’s ok to be a little impulsive.


Bringing The Knight of Wands and The Knight of Pentacles together


When we combine the fire energy of the suit of Wands with the earth based energy of the suit of Pentacles, we have a very powerful energy to acknowledge.  The idea has been curated, now is the time to do all we can both on the outside(pentacles energy) as well as on the inside(wands energy) to make our idea become reality.  One good way to look at this powerful combination is thinking of the Knight of Wands as the artist and the Knight of Pentacles as the accountant.  We are manifesting with a strict left and right brain balance that will usher in our new reality.  There aren’t too many Tarot combinations that have the high level energy of these two Knights.  If this combination comes up in a reading, good things are coming, albeit they will take an inordinate amount of effort, but with a very lovely reward.


A Little More About Raven’s Cauldron

I’m Brian, a thirty-year Tarot card reader.  I own a company called Raven’s Cauldron, and we specialize in intuitive readings online and in-person.  We also sell Tarot decks, Essential Oil Blends and a massive selection on hand curated crystals and gemstones.  Finally, at Raven’s Cauldron, we host metaphysical and spiritual events regularly.  Come visit us and see what others are saying about my readings.  I live and breathe the Tarot and want to share my abilities with to help you understand any situation with ease and forethought.


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Everyday Witch Tarot – Art by Elisabeth Alba

Murder of Crows Tarot – Art by Pietro Alligo, Corrado Roi, Charles Harrington

Crow Tarot – Art by MJ Cullinane

Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition – Patrick Valens


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