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The Magician Tarot Card Deviant Moon

The Power Lies Within You...

, by Brian Campbell, 9 min reading time

The Magician and the 4 of Pentacles has a profound message for each of us.  Find out more about the connection between these two cards and how they can combine to help us find our true identity.  The power lies within you... is my latest blog that will deep dive into this combination.    

The Magician & The 4 of Pentacles – What is this combination trying to tell us?

One of my favorite activities with the Tarot is to make connections on two or more cards.  What I mean by this is not simply to know the meanings of the cards, but to help understand what they’re trying to say.  I’ve made it a daily practice to read and interpret a Tarot combination.  In fact, I have a weekly Tarot spread that I use to do this, and it helps guide my week.  Here’s the way this works, I pull a major arcana card and that serves as the ruler card for the week after that has been established, I pull five more cards, each representing Monday through Friday, and these can be any card, major, minor or court.  It’s these combinations that truly serve as my guide to interpreting the cards, learning the intricacies that exist between them.

The Magician Tarot Card


How can I help?

When I set out on my journey to begin a blog on the Tarot, the first question I asked myself was, “What hasn’t been done yet?”.  I thought about this for some time and decided that the most powerful thing I could provide would be deep dives on Tarot combinations.   There has been much written about them, but I haven’t run into a lot of deep dives and that is the subject matter that I’ve decided to blog on this year.  With so many Tarot combinations, it’s truly the heart of effective card reading.  Knowing the meaning of a single card is only a small part of the story, being able to weave meaning and flow between 2 or more cards is where the Tarot gets interesting.

The 4 of Pentacles Tarot Card Everyday Witch


Hidden solace in clarity...

Major arcana 1, The Magician is a reminder that everything required to manifest our biggest dreams is right at our fingertips.  If we look closely at the table of tools in front of The Magician, mental focus is represented with the sword, spiritual needs are satisfied by the wand, earthly and physical items are covered with the pentacle, and finally, our emotional needs are met with the cup.  We have representation before us from the elements of air, fire, earth, and water.  What makes The Magician so interesting is that having the tools that we need is only a part of the story.  The Magician likes to hide in the corners until we are crystal clear on our desires.  It’s only after we establish clarity on the what, why, how and when will The Magician come to assist us.  Often we are driven to goals by a monetary need, an ego-based desire or a desire to wield extra power, and none of those reasons are impressive to The Magician.  When you’re chasing a goal that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose, the powerful and magnificent Magician will assist and assure you that you will meet the goal with ease.

 The 4 of Pentacles Tarot Card Rider Waite

Why the scarcity mindset? 

The 4 of Pentacles is a rather complex minor arcana card.  The artwork is unforgettable on this card, we see a man that is desperately holding on to his coins.   As a result of his desperation, he’s stuck eternally in his chair because if he should get up, he will risk losing some or all of his coins.  The big lesson here is a call to examine our relationship with money.  What’s at risk here is losing what is important in life, friends, family, fun, love and happiness, all due to an unhealthy obsession with gaining and retaining wealth.  When this card is present in a reading, it’s a good indication to rise above the scarcity mindset and realize that the universe will provide for you and life is meant to be lived.  We are only on the earth for a very short time and it’s not healthy to chase money and wealth while missing out of the many other aspects of life.  One additional aspect about this card is control and as you know, the money is being tightly controlled, but perhaps other areas of life are under tight control as well.  It may be time to loosen the reins a little and enjoy more.


What do all these numbers mean?

Aleister Crowley Thoth The Magus Tarot Card  Aleister Crowley Thoth 4 of Pentacles Tarot Card

As we know, each Tarot card has many symbols, pictures, colors and of course a number.  The number 1, which graces The Magician card calls us to take advantage of the opportunity, new beginnings and tapping into our highest potential.  The number 4 is all about structure and security and stability.  The combination of the 1 and the 4 bring us to the overall representation of this combination, which is 5.  The number 5 is a tricky and shadowy number that is about change and instability.  We can make several connections here, tapping into our inner potential, using our stability to drive us forward.  The overall deep message here is that The Magician is very powerful, but that power will only serve us if we are chasing our true identity and not being driven by greed, lust or fame.  Separate, the numbers 1 and 4 are harmonious, combined, it’s clear we need to pay attention to what’s going on and make appropriate changes.

Free yourself from the chains…

Deviant Moon 4 of Pentacles Tarot Card

Saving for the future is a very honorable approach to setting your life up for later comfort, nobody would deny that notion.  The problem comes when we become obsessed with hoarding money and the obsession gets in the way of our lives.  If we think back to the image of the man on the throne, we see that he can’t get off of it because he would lose his coins…this is when it becomes a problem.  The Magician tells us we have limitless potential and the universe is guiding us and nurturing us, however, The Magician brings other messages that often get missed.  Often I see the textbook concepts of The Magician being brought up over and over again, and that is that we have everything we need.  While that is a true statement about The Magician, it’s only a small part of the message.  The Magician is powerful, he has the ability to make almost anything happen in his life, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s magic that can be performed to get anything we want.  The Magician will not help us win the lottery, get a new mansion or car, but rather, The Magician helps us on our path to finding out why we are here and then becoming really good at it.  In a nutshell, we all have a calling in this life and The Magician shines the light on our limitless potential and power, and that potential and power come alive in a huge way when we are living our true purpose. 


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Bringing The Magician and the 4 of Pentacles together

What is the combination of The Magician and the 4 of Pentacles trying to tell us?  It’s a very simple but profound message actually and it’s that life isn’t all about money, and having money doesn’t mean much if life is being lived without honoring our true identity or soul’s purpose.  Here’s the thing, we can all earn large sums of money doing a job that we don’t really love, and many would say that’s the way to get through life, hard work and the money that’s received from said hard work is the cherry.  The Magician feels a little different in that the same concept is true with one change, we should live our life doing what we love and what we were put on this earth to do rather than a mundane existence where we are earning money by doing a job we really don’t like.  When these two cards come up in a reading, I like to probe a little deeper and ask:  “What is it that I want to do and why do I want to do it?”  When time is taken to answer that question, it’s easier to realize that money isn’t everything and if we’re not truly doing what we want to do, then happiness will be evasive.  The power really comes after we take the answer to “What is it that I want to do and why do I want to do it?” and combine that answer with the answer to “What is it that I’m clinging on to so tightly and what would allow me to let go of my grip?”.  The answer lies with these two questions and so I ask each of you to answer those probing questions and see how aligned you are with living your purpose and having security and stability.  Additionally, The Magician has a deep connection to the Divine, but the man in the 4 of Pentacles has lost his connection to the Divine, because of the coin that’s on his head.  It’s a very tough task to live a fulfilled life without any connection to the spiritual realm.   One additional message for this combination is that a focus on the material realm, combined with more focus on the spiritual realm will help usher in needed balance. 

A Little More About Raven's Cauldron

I’m Brian, a thirty-year Tarot card reader. I own a company called Raven's Cauldron, and we specialize in providing a one stop metaphysical shop experience.  After frequenting metaphysical and spiritual shops for decades, I wanted to provide a place in my hometown that provides a wide array of new age, metaphysical and spiritual items.  I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog, there will be many more to come. 

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Everyday Witch Tarot – Art by Elisabeth Alba

Thoth Tarot Deck  - Art by  Lady Frieda Harris

Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition – Patrick Valenza


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