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Are you living your truest purpose - Tarot The Sun and 8 Of Wands

, by Brian Campbell, 8 min reading time

The Sun & 8 of Wands – What is this combination trying to tell us?

One of my favorite activities with the Tarot is to make connections on two or more cards.  What I mean by this is not simply to know the meanings of the cards, but to help understand what they’re trying to say.  I’ve made it a daily practice to read and interpret a Tarot combination.  In fact, I have a weekly Tarot spread that I use to do this, and it helps guide my week.  Here’s the way this works, I pull a major arcana card and that serves as the ruler card for the week, after that has been established, I pull five more cards, each representing Monday through Friday, and these can be any card, major, minor or court.  It’s these combinations that truly serve as my guide to interpreting the cards, learning the intricacies that exist between them. 

How can I help? 

When I set out on my journey to begin a blog on the Tarot, the first question I asked myself was, “What hasn’t been done yet?”.  I thought about this for some time and decided that the most powerful thing I could provide would be deep dives on Tarot combinations.   There has been much written about them, but I haven’t run into a lot of deep dives and that is the subject matter that I’ve decided to blog on this year.  With so many Tarot combinations, it’s truly the heart of effective card reading.  Knowing the meaning of a single card is only a small part of the story, being able to weave meaning and flow between 2 or more cards is where the Tarot gets interesting. 

There’s a fire burning inside…

The entire suit of wands is rooted in passion, passion that fuels getting  out of bed in the morning, passion that drives us to success, passion that fuels our drive.  As we walk out path in life, events happen, jobs are taken that may or may not be the ideal way to bestow our greatness onto the universe.  The suit of wands is also represented by the element of fire, specifically that fire that we have burning inside of us.  As with any fire, we must treat our fire burning inside with absolute respect and honor, for if we ignore our fire, it could fizzle out.  What’s more, we must refine our passions and make sure that they’re not a “flavor of the moment”.   When the 8 of wands appears in a reading, we can take note that we are in our zone, we are moving past the “mildly” interested phase to a situation of honoring and moving forward in a direction that honors our truest self.

When you know, you know…

Vitality, as defined means the state of being strong and active, full of energy, and I think we can all agree that this is a wonderful place to be, it drives us to a healthy and inspirational place.  Major Arcana 19, The Sun is radiating with vitality, energy and success.  If we as humans examine who we are and what we are meant to be and truly become that person, The Sun is what we are representing and that is the reason it feels so great to be our truest and most authentic self.  The Sun is truly one of the most positive, highest energy places to be and as a result, it’s the most positive card in a 78 card Tarot deck!  One aspect of The Sun that is often overlooked is that inner strength that it represents.  The Sun gives us the energy and the strength to find our path and stay on it!  When the goal is to live life according to our passions and desires, it requires strength and energy, or vitality, and The Sun nourishes us with all we need to achieve happiness and success!

But it’s difficult to follow dreams…

We’ve all heard it said that anything worth doing will be difficult and take lots of work and dedication, and for that I cannot disagree.  We look at the imagery on The Sun and we really want to get to that state of childlike bliss, having untapped energy and strength to move mountains.  The minutia of life has a way of penetrating our soul and getting in the way of our goals, and ultimately, happiness.  Rather than making The Sun and it’s state of happiness a nice “pie in the sky” goal, make it a must in your life.  One thing is certain, we are all here to serve a greater purpose, the universe knows what our role is, but sadly, sometimes we can’t see it.  When The Sun comes up in a Tarot reading, start examining what’s missing in life, what would make things radiate with beautiful light…when you find that answer, you will have found your truth, for Major Arcana 19, The Sun IS our unique, individual truth…those that can find it will be glad they took the time.

No time for second guessing…

Imagine taking a new course, it can be about anything, but let’s agree on oil painting.  You’ve never thought of being an oil painter, but have always had a deep appreciation of art, and what’s more, you’re mesmerized by art museums and the works of the masters.  You think to yourself, “I could never do that” and continue being an art spectator.  One day, you decide to take a beginners oil painting class because enough time has been wasted hiding your secret desire due to fear of failure.  As it turns out, you adore the painting class and it’s all you can think about, and the added bonus is that you’re quite good at it as well.  You decide to get a Tarot reading and the 8 of Wands comes up as the final outcome and you now see the answer clearly!  The 8 of Wands spotlights that the time is now to march toward goals that otherwise seemed unobtainable.  If a goal or desire feels right, it brings joy, it brings passion, then the chances are that it’s exactly the correct goal!  When the 8 of Wands appears, the time to move is now, worry about doubts at another time, or better yet, never second guess and give into doubt or fear.

Bringing 8 of Wands and The Sun together

When we combine the fire energy of the suit of Wands with success, positivity and optimism of The Sun, we have a powerful combo that simply cannot be ignored.  Life is fast, life doesn’t wait, life is meant to be lived, life begs for happiness, life begs for exploration, life just is.  When we are stuck living a life that we are not happy about, earning money in professions that drain our energy and are devoid of passion, we become unhappy people and our lives suffer.  The Sun reminds us to not only live, but to live with happiness, satisfaction and passion and the 8 of Wands reminds us that life is finite,  Making the most out of our path on Earth requires us to honor our internal flame, which guides us on our way, and Tarot has an uncanny ability to shine light on this notion.  The 8 of Wands combined with The Sun, be you, do you, be the best you, oh and get moving, the clock is already running.

A Little More About Raven’s Cauldron

I’m Brian, a thirty-year Tarot card reader.  I own a company called Raven’s Cauldron, and we specialize in intuitive readings online and in-person.  We also sell Tarot decks, Essential Oil Blends and a massive selection on hand curated crystals and gemstones.  Finally, at Raven’s Cauldron, we host metaphysical and spiritual events regularly.  Come visit us and see what others are saying about my readings.  I live and breathe the Tarot and want to share my abilities with to help you understand any situation with ease and forethought.

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Everyday Witch Tarot – Art by Elisabeth Alba

Murder of Crows Tarot – Art by Pietro Alligo, Corrado Roi, Charles Harrington

Crow Tarot – Art by MJ Cullinane

Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition – Patrick Valens

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